Eclipse 4100 Elliptical

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Eclipse 4100 Elliptical

Eclipse 4100 Elliptical

I’ve seen a lot of reviews online that give the Eclipse 4100 a good review and a recommended buy rating… I think those people should go get their heads examined, either that or lay off the booze when you’re writing your reviews!

Granted, the Eclipse 4100 isn’t as bad as the Eclipse 1100 hr, but in this price range the 4100 doesn’t hold a candle to the competition like some of the Proform and Nordictrack ellipticals.

Eclipse 4100 Elliptical Key Stats and Specs:

  • forward and reverse motion
  • 8 workouts
  • 8×16 dot matrix screen

If you’re willing to invest about $100 bucks above the cost of the Eclipse, you can get a much better elliptical trainer in the Proform 1280 Elliptical.

The Proform 1280 has a better elliptical motion and more features like power resistance and power incline. It’s $100 bucks well spent if you ask me.

If you’re still stuck on the Eclipse for budget reasons, don’t think that you are getting a piece of crap. I’m just saying that if I were going to buy a new elliptical trainer I may lean towards a different machine than the Eclipse 4100…

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