Gazelle Elliptical by Tony Little

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Gazelle Elliptical by Tony Little

Gazelle Elliptical by Tony Little

If you haven’t seen the Tony Little Commercial about his new Tony Little Gazelle you must be living under a rock, either that or you go to bed before 11:00 p.m. and aren’t up early on weekend mornings.

With all the hype and buzz surrounding this elliptical over the last several years, there have been very few complaints about the Tony Little products.

With that said, what is my take on the Tony Little Gazelle elliptical?

I recommend it, but with reservations. You see the Gazelle isn’t a true elliptical in every sense of the word. For starters, the motion of the machine is more like walking on the moon, than running or walking.

The resistance on the Gazelle elliptical is also lacking, as this elliptical machine relies on gravity (or a small piston depending on the model) for resistance instead of magnetic or eddy current resistance like a traditional elliptical machine does.

Ton Little is a bit over the top on his infomercial with that crazy long pony tail and weird getup he wears, but his Gazelle elliptical does have some merit and is worth considering for a select few users.

The Gazelle is a solidly built, low priced machine that will give you a decent workout if used properly. And depending on which of the 10 exercises you choose to perform, you can get a low impact strength training workout on this machine.

Some people have knocked the Gazelle because it starts to squeak in the pedals after extended use, but that’s because they haven’t done any routine maintenance or used any lubricant on their machine since they bought it.

I have a high end Sole E95 elliptical trainer in my home gym, and guess what? It squeaks sometimes when I don’t have the rails lubricated, DUH!

If you’re a die hard workout nut, the Gazelle isn’t for you — ¬†you’d be better off with a reputable elliptical like this, but if you’re strapped for cash, or just looking to have some fun on a unique elliptical trainer, you should take a close look at the Tony Little Gazelle…

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