Nordictrack Ski Machine

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Nordictrack Ski Machine

Nordictrack Ski Machine

The NordicTrack Ski Machine inadvertently started the whole elliptical trainer rage in this country by introducing the Nordic Track Ski Machine way back in the 1980′s.

These ski machines sold like hot cakes with their low impact workout and great calorie burning properties. The ski machines were well made and easy on the eyes with an almost furniture look to the oak base and metal upright.

When the 1990′s rolled around, the publics interest in the Nordic Track Skier waned their hunger increased for a new cardio machine with the same benefits as a skiing machine buy more sophisticated – enter the elliptical trainer.

The funny thing is, as technology has advanced and the new ellipticals have become more prevalent, they have also diminished in quality and function.

If I were shopping for an elliptical trainer in this price range, I’d strongly consider the Nordic Track Skier.

Many of the sub $1000 ellipticals on the market are complete garbage and should be avoided at all costs. Just because they look cool and have a funky new display console, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re durable or that you can get a good workout on one.

There’s something beautiful in the simplicity of the Nordic Track Ski Machine that is often overlooked these days. This cardio machine makes no pretenses about what it is, or what it’s for.

Just hop on and go, get a great cardio workout and get on with the rest of your life…

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