Octane Q45 Elliptical

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Octane Q45 Elliptical

Octane Q45 Elliptical

Octane elliptical trainers exploded onto the market a few years ago with a unique front drive design and good ergonomics. The Octane Q45E is their flagship model and adds some great features not available on the Octane Q35 or Octane Q37.

The Octane elliptical design philosophy was to make the most ergonomic elliptical trainer on the market. With a pedal spacing of only 2″ they hit the mark as this machine is comfortable to ride and easy on the joints (I currently own this model by the way).

The feature that is most attractive on the Octane q45 is the automatic stride length control that moves from 18″ to a full 23″. There isn’t another elliptical trainer on the market with this feature, and it comes in handy when you’re a taller user like me (6′-2″) and you want to go really fast.

Octane Elliptical Trainer Key Features and Specs

  • adjustable stride length from 18-23″
  • natural feeling elliptical motion
  • built-in workouts, some heart rate controllable
  • personal trainer workouts for motivation
  • unique multi-grip handle design for variety
  • wireless heart rate control workouts
  • 300 pound user weight capacity

Octane’s goal was to knock off the high end ellipticals from Life Fitness and Precor, and although they made a very good machine there is a high price that goes along with the technology.

An Octane q45e will set you back between $3000 – 3500 dollars depending on whether or not you can find this elliptical on sale. The other downer is it’s only sold through local dealers so there’s no way to price shop or save money buying one online.

Like I mentioned earlier, I owned the Octane q45e elliptical and liked it, but if I had it to do all over again I’d lean towards getting mid-level machine like the Sole e95 and buying some other nice gear for my home gym.

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