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Aceshin Elliptical Review

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by Jack

It seems that this machine combines the best of both worlds. It’s almost as compact and slim as the lightweight ones from the previous reviews. Still, its weight capacity is up to 330 lbs; if you reached or approached that limit and now think of losing weight, this could be the trainer for you. The construction is sturdier than one might expect due to steel tubes and a wide base.


  • Combines a lightweight design and a heavy-duty build
  • Mechanic construction that requires no power
  • A decent onboard computer
  • Works quietly
  • Affordable price


  • Lightweight design makes the handles looser
  • The actual manufacturer is not exposed
  • Value For Money 4
  • Design 4
  • Range Of Motion 4
  • Noise Level 4

Aceshin Elliptical Detailed Review

It’s a pure magnetic one, again, and it means that its magnet is regulated mechanically. It sets you free from power dependence (unless you really need its onboard computer) but introduces to manual adjustments.

Supporting heavy weight, it’s also comfortable to be used by high people. Its pedals are rather large, comfortable to step on. As for its data system, it shows the standard report that includes time, speed, distance, calories burned, your heart rate, and the HR target zone you set up manually.

According to the best elliptical machine for home consumer reports, this one is an upstart candidate that gains more and more attention. Partly it’s due to its capacity that seems incredible in this tiny body. It looks very decently and requires relatively little space, so you can position it in your office with little trouble and even assemble it yourself, with no assistance.

Value for Money

Though objectively, it’s rather affordable, you start noticing a lack of extras after using it for a month or more.


It looks decent, but I couldn’t help feeling afraid that the machine can fall apart under my weight (way below the limit).

Range of Motion

I felt a bit of discomfort in the beginning, but then got used to it.

Noise Level

Again, when okay, it produces very little noise. But you may need some lubricant to achieve that.

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