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BST800 Body Power Review

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by Jack

Body Power is a trademark by Body Flex, but damn if it tells me even a bit beyond that. The name is too generic to google it up properly. So, let’s pretend it was Martians who delivered this elliptical machine for sale to their spacecraft garage and focus on the device itself. Again, it’s a slender, compact device that looks similar to SF-E905. This one, though, is more durable and more hi-tech at the same time.


  • Slender and compact design
  • 2-in-1 construction (stepper and elliptical)
  • Easy and powerful adjustment
  • Comes with extra pedals
  • Normally works quietly
  • No socket required


  • Only for those under 250 lbs
  • It may rock during the workout
  • The vendor is too mysterious
  • Value For Money 5
  • Design 4
  • Range Of Motion 4
  • Noise Level 5

BST800 Body Power Detailed Review

The greatest thing about its construction is that this trainer combines moves of a stepper and of a true elliptical. You can benefit from two sorts of workout at the same time. It’s a magnetic one, so no socket is required near.

The drive is positioned in front of the user while training, providing a good balance. A little above it, there are controls – not such a spaceship dashboard as that of Schwinn 430, but more powerful than that of SF-E905. Yet they share a lot: the resistance adjusting 8-positional knob is virtually the same, and the display is very similar.

Last but not least: it comes with two pairs of pedals, so you select which ones will be more comfortable. Try both. Maybe they will be both great for different modes.

Value for Money

It’s under $400, but still twice the price of SF-E905. On the other hand, its build and functionality are well ahead too.


It’s quite generic but very functional. Hardly will you need more.

Range of Motion

This one will be comfortable for people of low height, as the stride is rather short. Anyway, bigger ones better not even look at it, as its weight capacity is only 250 lbs.

Noise Level

It’s supposed to work very quietly, especially if you turn on the music or the TV. If something is clicking, it’s the signal that the trainer needs repairment.

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