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Schwinn Elliptical 470 Review

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The “Compact Elliptical Machine” name covers multiple X-trainers by Schwinn, a famous American vendor, so let’s talk about the most popular one, also known as Schwinn 430. It’s a home-oriented trainer that looks quite professional despite all. No wonder: it’s big enough for a solid 20-inch stride, made for bigger persons and more sweat and strain.


  • Sturdy designLong stride
  • Adjustable everything, from incline to resistance
  • Futuristic, stylish looks
  • Affordable (in its class)
  • Lots of hi-tech features


  • Not the one for kids or smaller adults
  • Maximum user weight is only 300 lbs
  • Value For Money 4
  • Design 5
  • Range Of Motion 5
  • Noise Level 5

Schwinn Elliptical 470 Detailed Review

It’s a real hi-tech trainer, with an onboard computer that helps you adjust incline and resistance. Buttons and an LCD screen on its face form a strange dashboard right before the user, but it takes just hours to figure it out. There is a built-in fan to cool you down while working out. Look, you can even connect your audio player to listen to the music or your phone to charge it!

Footsteps are soft and large, so unless you’re an actual bigfoot, you will feel comfortable on it. Alas, their angle is not adjustable. But almost everything else is due to smart firmware that can even adjust your workout on the go to keep your pulse within the working range.

All in all, it’s the best elliptical trainer for adults, big and tall. The maximum user weight is 300 lbs, and it’s a bad type of news. If you exceed this and hope ellipticals for home will help you through, you will have to look for something sturdier… and pricier.

As for its price, that’s about $800 – some more, some less, it seems way more expensive than that of SF-E905, but it’s quite another class of devices. It’s closer to the pro category, and, given the rivals’ prices, it’s a great long-term investment.

Value for Money

Its price is very affordable compared to alternatives of the same class that rarely go below $1K.


The machine looks like it’s taken from a sci-fi movie by James Cameron or Michael Bay. The front-drive construction and bike-like handles make it look like a futuristic vehicle. Sturdy and black, solid and reliable, it looks challenging and even dangerous – for your calories. The flexible handles look like an android’s hands, to complete the impression.

Range of Motion

It has enough space to walk tall and wide.

Noise Level

Normally, it produces down to zero noise. If it does, though, it’s time for service. The reason is, if it breaks down, that clicking noise may become the least of your problems.

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