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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912 Review

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by Jack

While the first one by Sunny Health & Fitness was a compact and lightweight machine, this one is way heavier and sturdier. With a rear-drive and advanced front dashboard, it’s quite a comfortable device for the whole family.


  • Great price
  • Long stride and a high weight capacity
  • Onboard computer and informative display
  • Gadget- and drink-friendly
  • Can be used during a blackout


  • Hard to assemble on your own
  • Fewer extras that can be useful
  • Can sway if your weight is close to its maximum
  • Value For Money 4
  • Design 5
  • Range Of Motion 4
  • Noise Level 4

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912 Detailed Review

Its size is obviously an adult option. Its steel body can stand up to 330 lbs (in fact, a little more, so if you want to lose weight with it, two or three extra pounds will not break its back if you start earlier). Handlebars let you distribute your weight and thus work your entire body.

The onboard computer with sensors and programs also measures your activity while working out. So, not looking away, you can see your heartbeat rate, the workout duration, the calories burned, RPM, and even watts you produce by your movement. If it’s not enough, you can hold your tablet or phone in a special holder and watch videos, play music, or auto-scroll books. Yes, all that means that the device should be positioned near the socket. But power is not necessary for regular training without smart features due to a purely magnetic construction.

It lacks extras Schwinn offers, like a built-in fan or speakers and a 3.5 socket for audio playback. Neither does it offer its fantastic looks. In its class, though, it’s one of the most affordable elliptical machines for home. Placed in the same category as Schwinn 430, it is significantly cheaper (down to $500), though the actual difference is not that dramatic. Their similarity is not a result of copycat manners; it’s the sum of class requirements.

Value for Money

It’s an affordable heavy-duty elliptical cross trainer doing the job.


It’s a little tame when compared to the blast from the future by Schwinn. Being designed functionally, it doesn’t impress the same way, though the overall look is quite decent, and the usability is high.

Range of Motion

Along with a wide stride (15.5 inches), it has a lot of preprogrammed modes and manual adjustments to make the workout the most efficient.

Noise Level

Normally, it works very quietly. So you should take any sound it makes as a warning that something is going wrong.

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